Razer Goliathus Game Pad

Razer Goliathus Game Pad

Wheretheeffismyhandbook – Goliathus falls into the original category and was made with a heavily textured fabric that provides the smoothest possible surface on which the user’s mouse can slide at high speed and accuracy. But before we get to our Razer Goliathus review, let’s look at a few topics you should know before investing in a gaming mouse pad.

What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Mousepad

We mentioned above that these accessories are often overlooked as fads that do not actually improve any of the player’s abilities. And while this may be the case for many skeptical users, the reality is that a good mouse pad offers many tangible benefits if the user knows what to look for when buying one of these mats.

So why invest another $ 10 to $ 20 in a good mouse pad? For beginners, even the most basic mouse pads can help significantly improve mouse life by preventing the accumulation of excess dirt, grime and other unwanted substances on the legs or in many folds. However, state-of-the-art mouse pads can certainly help improve a player’s abilities by providing mice with an improved surface on which they can slide. Said surface can help the user achieve his goals with great speed and accuracy by creating a smooth or rougher track depending on the type of material. In addition, some mouse pads offer comfort in the form of a wrist rest, which can be used to prevent diseases of the hands and wrists due to long and frequent sitting at a computer, whether at work or playing games. And for those already suffering from hand conditions, a wrist rest can help alleviate existing symptoms and turn computer use into a bearable experience without undue discomfort.

To get the best choice when buying a mouse pad, you need to keep in mind aspects of your potential new pad. Specifically, we must take into account the size of the pad, the material from which it is made, the portability of the pad and its aesthetic design. If your potential candidates try all these aspects, you could say that you have a great product in your hands.

Razer Goliathus product overview

Goliathus was created with the players in mind. That’s why the boys at Razer designed this product using the best materials and technologies available, including their heavily textured textile weave, non-slip rubberized undercoat and sewn anti-tear frame, wrapped in a very elegant mat that is can be rolled up and stored in a box to increase portability.

And speaking of a container, even from the box that this mouse pad emits, quality radiates. It comes with an amazing design in shades of black and green, which are Razer’s flagship colors. On the front of the box we see a picture of the product, as well as its name printed in large silver letters. We will also find a few lines of text explaining the main defining properties of the mouse pad. On one side of the container we find pictures of 3 sizes that this product contains, Goliathus (small), Standard Goliathus (medium) and Goliathus ɑ (large). On the other hand, we find testimonials from the world’s best cyber athletes, including Olga Pak, a member of the Mousesports Counter Strike 1.6 team. As with most gaming accessories, you’ll find product specifications and a wealth of relevant information on the back of the box, so there’s nothing new here.

After removing the mouse pad from the cardboard container, we followed exactly the instructions in the box and “we felt the difference”

This pad is smooth, really smooth. Moving the hands over the surface of the fabric almost seems like silk, but without the inherent softness of this type of fabric. And since it’s smooth on our hands, our mouse moves just as smoothly over Goliathus. He doesn’t feel like he’s gliding in the air, as this description of the pad came up with, but he feels really smooth, which allows us to move the mouse undisturbed quickly and react accordingly to every situation in the game. After trying Goliath, we can fully understand the difference between the Control and Speed surfaces described by driversrazer.com. As MMORPGs themselves, we can’t be surprised that if Speed Goliath manages to create such an excellent surface for fast moves, how good would Control surfaces be for precise and thoughtful actions? Maybe we’ll look at one of them later.

Tough players who like to look good on and off the battlefield will enjoy the fact that this pad has an amazing design with a black Razer logo on a background of green stripes. This theme is cool enough to show that you mean an in-game business, but elegant enough to use in more formal environments, such as the workplace. The pad itself contains stitched anti-tear edges to help extend its life, making this mouse pad one you won’t be able to replace soon.

The last thing to mention is the bottom of this pad. Specifically, it has a rubberized coating that keeps it in place and does not move even when you need quick and furious maneuvers to overcome your enemies. This is simply one mouse pad that stays in place, whatever you do.

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