The central role of the telecommunications industry in the Covid-19 pandemic

The central role of the telecommunications industry in the Covid-19 pandemic

Wheretheeffismyhandbook – In times of a pandemic like this, all activities are obviously very dependent on a strong internet infrastructure. In the midst of the current crisis, digital platforms are experiencing a boom like the digital platform Wekiddo, which enables governments, schools as well as parents and students to connect with each other. The right infrastructure is very important at this critical time. While there is a tremendous increase in digital technology, it will all in itself stumble upon itself if not accompanied by adequate connectivity and bandwidth. Therefore, reliable connectivity and bandwidth are the key to overcoming the challenges that exist today where all activities rely on a Venostech connection.

The telecommunications industry plays a very important role in a situation that requires an internet connection like this. With the introduction of online school activities, work at home requires, of course, an optimal level of productivity so that all teaching and learning activities and businesses can survive the Covid-19 pandemic. The government has issued a policy through the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology that takes into account the importance of the role of telecommunications companies in optimizing network connections when there is a lack of personal activities. This is proof that the government is very concerned about the important role of the telecommunications industry in terms of the economy. Many MSMEs have saved their businesses because they can market their products on digital platforms that naturally use an internet connection. This means that the economy at least is not experiencing a very sharp decline. However, this will be a challenge for the players in the telecommunications industry. With activities that require an almost complete internet connection network, players in the telecommunications industry must, of course, ensure efficient connection and bandwidth, where it greatly affects the balancing of cellular signals, and that the challenges these players face in the industry are through various types of data sources, including enhanced cellular network performance. Based on OpenSignal data quoted by, Indonesia experienced a very significant decrease in download speeds from March to April 2020.

The Association of All Indonesian Telecommunications Operators said through its Secretary General Marwan O. Baasir that operators have the task of accommodating internet consumption by shifting and increasing the capacity of the network. However, this resulted in cost overruns. As a result, Marwan estimated that it would be difficult for the telecommunications industry to grow in the future. The operators themselves are not even sure that they will be able to rectify this situation any time soon.

Of all the obstacles and challenges facing the telecommunications industry, there are, of course, opportunities that can be seized. This period of crisis may provide opportunities, namely that the telecommunications industry can gain public confidence if it can provide a stable internet network. This could increase Internet users so that the business of the telecommunications industry can continue.

The key to the success of the telecommunications industry today lies in optimizing the capacity of the internet network with the power of analytical acceleration. It aims to empower telecommunications enterprises to maximize existing network datasets by modeling and analyzing the coverage required by network users to obtain a stable and efficient network for optimal results.

Apart from the impact that Covid-19 is experiencing, it will hopefully be a good start for the telecommunications industry so that it can continue to grow and optimize network connections to make it better. As the telecommunications industry currently plays an important role in the execution of all activities because all activities must be switched directly from face to face and can connect directly with each other, it must now be done online. Although it can not currently be said that the internet connection network in Indonesia is stable, the government has issued a policy for telecommunications companies to optimize the network connection to make it even better.

Hopefully the internet network in Indonesia will have a more stable and efficient network connection after this pandemic has passed, so that if these online activities continue even though the pandemic has ended, the internet connection in Indonesia will not experience a significant disruption as many today people are not felt.